SEE Showcase of good practices in urban mobility (video)

Every city needs to undertake comprehensive planning that includes all strategic sectors. How can best practices be transferred to the SEE region and Turkey? What are the most common obstacles cities face?

Harmonisation of energy and sustainable urban mobility planning (SECAP & SUMP) – Introductory presentation

Fabio Tomasi, Projects Development Unit Manager, Innovation and Projects Institute, AREA SCIENCE PARK, Italy


  • Anuela Ristani, Municipality of Tirana, Deputy Mayor.
  • Mira Radenović , Member of the City Council,  City of  Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Ayşen Erdincler, Head of WG for SECAP preparation, Director of the Environmental protection department of the Istanbul metropolitan municipality
  • Maia Tskhvaradze, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia
  • Sylwia Słomiak, Foundation Forum Energii, Poland
  • Fabio Tomasi, AREA SCIENCE PARK, Italy