Gajanana Hegde

Team Leader for Regulatory Framework Implementation
Gajanana Hegde leads the regulatory framework implementation (energy) team to develop greenhouse gas estimation methods within the Mitigation programme of the UNFCCC Secretariat in Bonn. He has over two decades of professional experience in climate change, renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management. He is contributing to the development of several methodologies for carbon markets including green hydrogen, battery energy storage, electromobility and desalination technologies. He is also serving as a steering group member of the Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition (CEET), a global body of energy systems experts to contribute to the UN Secretary-General’s goal to build a coalition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. He is also contributed to the development of an ISO standard (ISO 14097) in the area of climate action by financiers and is coordinating the work of International Financial Institutions Technical Working group on harmonization of GHG standards. He has supported climate change negotiations such as cooperative approaches under article 6, adaptation fund, climate finance and capacity building. He has served as a trainer under the readiness activities for Green Climate Fund (GCF). His areas of interest include digital technologies (e.g. IOT, blockchain) applications for climate action and he is involved in the work of climate chain coalition. He holds a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in renewable energy applications.